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I want to die is available

  YEAR: 2021.  ENGINE: AGS 3.5.0 (ADVENTURE GAME STUDIO).  RESOLUTION: 320x200.  PERSPECTIVE/CONTROL: 3ª persona. Point & Click.  LANGUAGES: ENGLISH / SPANISH / GALICIAN VOICES: No.  SYNOPSIS: Max-V2000 is a sad robot. These words might sound strange, but Max-V2000 is not like other robots. He is a result of an experiment conducted by prestigious and dark Dr. Polansk who created the robot model V-2000 capable of experiencing feelings. Max is one of them, but somethings starts to go wrong for him when he begins to feel just pain. He becomes a desperate robot who only wants to die. In order to do that, he needs to annihilate his “human” soul and that´s only possible if he manages to find his creator, Dr. Polansk. Max needs to tell him about his pain and cure it, but for that to happen, he needs to travel to the Sunset Planet, where Dr. Polansk lives. TEAM: Manel Fernández / Alejandro Fandiño Betatesters: Julio Pozo (cireja) Translation: Sylwia Kwinta  SCREENSHOTS :   DOWNLO

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